Word order of indirect questions

1. An indirect question is a question which has been embedded inside a statement.


Why did he leave early? (Direct question)

I have no idea why he left early.(Indirect question embedded in a statement)

2. An indirect question can also be embedded inside another question.


Why did he leave early? (Direct question)

Do you know why he left early?(Indirect question embedded in another question)

The word order for embedded questions is that of a statement because technically the direct question is no longer a question.

It is like the direct question structure changes into “positive” sentence structure.

If you want to see more examples and explanations you can go to this link:



If you want to practice you may want to go to the following links:

http://a4esl.org/q/h/vm/indirectques.html (easy)


http://speakspeak.com/english-grammar-exercises/intermediate/word-order-in-questions-and-indirect-questions  (intermediate)

Further practice:






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