A positive learning environment

Most classroom teachers would agree that a student who feels good about himself is more likely to succeed. Of course that is easily said than done. For students language learning involves trying hard, exposing themselves and making mistakes. Students may experience self-doubt, uneasiness or fear. Adult students often have to deal with other pressures too. They have very little time to study or feel they have to get a certificate for their cv, ect

Teachers know by instinct that classes work well if students get on with one another. When teachers can create a non-threatening classroom environment where mistakes are viewed as a chance to learn and students’ contributions are valued, students begin to learn. Class becomes a team and students feel the need to contribute. Learning becomes an adventure that students share.

Students can learn a lot and support each other in the learning process. Cooperation and acceptance reduces stress in class and allows people to do their best. “Stay connected with class, if you happen to miss a session”, I told students at the beginning of the year. Now I know that they call each other about homework assignments, use the social media to communicate, review material together.

The sharing, and motivation I was aiming at, has taken on a life of each own. It has even extended outside class; they have become friends and do things together. So taking English classes has become a positive experience that makes life richer.

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ECPE: Writing

Writing an essay

Organization and development of ideas are extremely important in an essay. You should read the topic carefully and decide what the main question is, what the purpose is and what style of writing would be appropriate in the given situation.

Brainstorm first, think of as many ideas a you can and write them down.

Select the best ideas and think how they can be linked together in paragraphs.

Decide on a thesis statement and the logical order for the paragraphs.

If you want to see the ppt I used in class and the topic of your essay you can go here:essay topic

If you want to see the sample essays we discussed in class you can go to the following link. Please go only to pages 2,4,6. That’s all we have discussed.


Speaking: Making a point

When we explain something we often include natural redundancies and repetitions  that help clarify what we are trying to say. We also check the listener’s understanding in order to keep the conversation going.

 Through clarification it is possible for  both the speaker and the listener to understand complex issues.

If you want to see the power point that we used for the activity we did in class you can go the following link:


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