Class visit: “Cats” the musical

Connecting work in class to the outside world is very important for students. It motivates learners and helps incorporate culture in the EFL classroom. Now that “Cats” is in town we have an opportunity because “Cats” is not just any musical. “Cats” has made history in the West End, London and Broadway, NY for years. I am very glad we are going. I’d like to thank Sandy for suggesting it.

If you want to see the ppt that we used in class and go back to the activities before the visit you can go to following link.


I’m looking forward to seeing you at the performance on Sunday.


At the Badmington Theater


2 thoughts on “Class visit: “Cats” the musical

  1. I loved the Cats musical. I’m very glad I went. I really liked Skimbleshanks, the cat who is in charge of the night train to Glasgow . He is very clever because if he is gone “the train can’t start”.

  2. Alexandra, thank you for being there with us! We had a great time! Cats is a fantastic musical and you are such an exceptional teacher! Thank you for everything! 🙂

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